Madison (Maddie) Meaders

Major: Human Relations

I am in my junior year as a student at the University of Oklahoma. I selected Human Relations as a major because I intend on pursuing a career in College Advising once I graduate. Previously having a major in Health and Exercise Science has helped shape my understanding of the world because of the wide range of science classes I completed in my first two years of college. My goal is to create connections between biological systems and correlate those relationships to humans and how they operate and interact in everyday life.

I have experienced several things in my life that have shaped the way I interpret issues related to Environmental Ethics. I have taken a few science courses that have briefly touched on the environment as well as sociology classes that attempt to describe why people behave the way they do. The life experience that has influenced my views most dramatically is my participation on a competitive rock climbing team while growing up. My team would take annual trips to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to spend several weeks camping and climbing. After seven years of trips with my team to the same location I was able to observe a decline in the well-being of the environment because of frequent human interaction. In my time on the team I witnessed one of the most popular climbing walls get temporarily shut down, and I am passionate about preserving the remainder of those walls and keeping them open for people to enjoy.

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